Sunday, March 6, 2016


With the arrival of social media and smartphones, the barriers that once kept girls and boys separate have now been broken down. This is allowing more contact with the opposite sex. The safeguards once provided by the extended family are increasingly fading into non-existence. It has become dangerous for our daughters.
What needs to happen is a concerted effort by the Papua New Guineans to educate the next generation so that they are aware of the complexities of relationships and the consequences. Above all, our words should not be minced. 

1. Boys have a preoccupation with sex
It is a fact of life and cannot be denied. This is what drives a boy to “turn on the charm” to get the girl. It is a natural part of life that needs a lot of guidance from parents, guardians and teachers. This also needs to be understood by girls as well. Girls who desire security, safety and attention should not fall into this trap of being attracted to the boy who gives the attention they desire. It usually leads to a pregnancy.

2. Boys seek the “thrill” of the chase
For many a teenager, it is the chase that matters. Unconsciously, some will seek out the girl that is most uninterested in them. Sometimes, that difficulty in getting the girl turns to frustration and anger. It is expressed in many ways. The girl can, as in many cases, be physically attacked. Do not play with his emotions. Stay away.

3. Boys seek out “trophies”
In relation to point #1. Do not be under the impression that every teenage sexual encounter is “special.” It is a trophy. It is discussed among his peers as a ticket to seek acceptance if there is peer pressure. Once trophies are obtained, they lose their value. They are no longer sought after. It becomes a vicious cycle that carries on into adulthood. Be warned: It is self-destructive both for the girl and the boy.

4. Social media personalities are NOT real
Social media profiles and SMS provide a curtain behind which a boy hides his insecurity. What he says on social media does not necessarily reflect what he would say to you in real life. Love does not happen on social media. It is an infatuation founded upon a falsity. It is dangerous!

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  1. I agree with you, Scott.
    Every girl should be cautious on what they post on social media.