Monday, August 3, 2015


A series of images   showing prisoners bearing  injuries sustained from   alleged beatings by prison officers   have    been sent to the  Correctional Service  Commissioner, Michael  Waipo,  for  further investigations.
 The images understood  to have been taken by inmates soon after the beatings  were  sent out anonymously  with an appeal to get  the CS commissioner,  CS Minister  and  the Prime Minister to look into alleged prisoner abuses that are happening Lae’s Buimo Jail.
 According to information on the photographs,  the  images  were taken in  May this year   from reliable sources who cannot be named for safety reasons.  
 According to the sources,  at least  three prisoners were beaten  with blunt  objects soon after   they were  jailed  for  the killing of a policeman  at Pindiu station in Morobe. 
 The images came with an appeal that  the pictures  to be sent to the CS commissioner, Michael Waipo and the CS minister, Jim SImatab,   so that  the injustices would be investigated  and the abusers exposed.
 About a month after the images were taken, the men in the picture  reportedly escaped  with more than 60 others in a mass prison break out.
In June, the correctional service sent officers from Port Moresby to investigate the circumstances   that could have triggered the  mass escape.  
It is understood the investigators   faced significant hurdles in  extracting information from prison authorities and were forced to  piece together information from external stakeholders including  members of the media.
 The investigation report  into the   prison escape at Buimo,     meanwhile,   has been completed.
In a short phone interview,  CS commissioner, Michael Waipo,   said  the report detailing  reasons for the escape  and the problems within  Buimo  has been passed on the CS minister and will be released  this week.

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