Friday, October 17, 2014


The Papua New Guinean  arrested  in the Philippines last week for attempting to rape a hotel worker has drawn  more angry responses from  Papua New Guineans  at home  after he posted on  Facebook saying he was a victim of race discrimination.
            Hornis Melua Opa,  using the  Facebook alias, Obip Remocci Nakie,   said: “I (MULEA HORNS OPA ) say this is "NOT TRUE" , its "TOTALLLY RACIST" coz I don't have my statement of any of the news.”
            But his attempt  to draw sympathy from a country weary of bad publicity and  sexual violence  drew widespread anger   from infuriated Papua New Guineans on social media.
            Facebook users   were particularly  furious over  Opa’s  attempt to shift the blame to Philippine authorities  and the victim. 
            Spend less time at the bars and assaulting women and invest it in your studies… You've already disgraced your family and the country once with your arrest for rape now you've disgraced them and us again with your writing,” one commentator said.
             A Philippine police report  said  Opa was at the  Drive Way Inn,  in Cebu City, awaiting two ‘pimps’ to bring him a prostitute.        
After allegedly growing impatient, Opa turned his attention to the cashier working at the hotel, suddenly approached her and ‘hugged and kissed her in the neck and arms’.
            When the cashier struggled, Opa punched her in the face, bruising her.  Cebu locals, then made a citizen’s arrest and handed him over  to police.
            In pictures broadcast of Philippine  television, Opa appeared  intoxicated.   This is the latest in a string of reports that have come from  Cebu  about the unruly behavior of Papua New Guinean students.
             Many here who have been embarrassed by the recent reports of unruly behavior  have also issued stinging attacks on the quality of students attending schools in the Phillipines.
            Either you write in English or Filipino but not in something like that! Man,  you gotta spend more time in class than the bar…”  one said on Facebook.

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