Friday, August 2, 2013


Armed guards
House burning
The shooting of a security company   manager yesterday   has sparked a violent response from guards mostly from the Menyama area   in Lae, Morobe Province.  Just after 1pm yesterrday, guards from the Menyamya Morobe Security services and tribesmen armed with bows, arrows and bush knives torched a house where one of the suspects live. The victim 33-year-old Steven Simeon was the operations manager for the company. He was shot in the head by an armed youth during a holdup.  Lae’s Bumayong and the Back Road area has been the scene of a series of violent crimes this year. 
In April, a Lutheran pastor was killed.  His body dumped near a police station. A few weeks earlier, a woman was raped and killed. The attackers burned her face and genitals. The security firm’s board members and executives have demanded that the suspects of this latest crime be handed over immediately. Police arrived minutes after the rampage.  The head of police operations, inspector, Sam Kaiwa, who spoke to the men said police know the identity of the suspects but it will take time before they are captured. While much of the tension has been diffused with police presence some schools remain closed today.

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