Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I've been reading poems by Mangi Nambi (whoever he is) for 9 years now. He is a master at weaving poetry in Tok Pisin.  I've tried as much as possible to translate the poem and do justice to the images he conveys.  It's a poem about  the longing to return home. More Poems by Papua New Guinean writers can be found here: http://www.network54.com/Forum/204635/

Liklik kandre blo kol win (a gentle breeze, liklik kandre=nephew of the big wind)
Pilai giligili lo tupla liklik pisin (tickles two little birds)
Sindaun singsing antap lo marmar (singing on a marmar tree)
Lo wanpla nambis lo ailan Karkar (on a beach on Karkar Island)

Ol i lus tingting nau lo singsing (they've  stopped singing)
ol i lap plandi, nogat mining (they laugh for now reason at all)
lo kainkain ol samting nating (at the most unimportant things)
Ol i spak, lo wanpla naispala morning (they're drunk with pleasure(?) on this nice morning)

Mi salim yet, disla krangi tingting… (I'm thinking of home, I send this thought)
Wees! Yau blo mi ring (My ears are ringing)
Ating sampla lain iwok lo harim? (I think someone has heard)
Na bekim (and is sending a message back to me)

Namel blo yar nau (it's the middle of the year)
Oiyo, mi wet igo (I'm still waiting)
Na klostu bai mi mau (I've grown tired, I've become ripe from waiting, grown old)
Krismas istap longwe mo…. (Christmas is still faraway, the end of the year is still far away)

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