Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Group Captain Peter Aimos - Lae Area Commander
The Lae Area Commander of the   Papua New Guinea Defense Force, Group Captain  Peter Aimos,    says   the Lae based  engineering battalion can solve  some of PNG’s transport  problems if  the battalion is adequately funded.

Aimos said  the Defense Force   has the expertise  to build high  quality roads   at lower cost.

Aimos   is an aviator and an engineer  who  has built roads in the Eastern Highlands  and was also  responsible for transporting coffee from Karamui in the Simbu province when the Somare government announced   the so called “green Revolution”  that  was meant to help  farmers without road access get their cash crops to  markets.

The Green revolution became nothing more than another political gimmick.  The program failed to  continue because of the lack of funds.  But the  Group Captain Peter Aimos  says the engineering battalion can still solve some of PNG’s  transport problems if   adequate funding is given to the PNGDF.

“The potential is here.  We have the expertise, although minimal. We have it,” Aimos said.  “If that can be expanded, we can easily change the face of this nation.”

Although  the PNGDEF’s capacity has  declined over the years,   the engineering battalion  still demonstrates the highest level of workmanship.  The roads inside Lae’s Igam Barracks  are a demonstration of the skill of Papua New Guinea’s army engineers.  Built  over 20 years ago,  they show very little evidence of deterioration.

Aimos argues that engineering battalion can build better roads  at a much cheaper price than the average contractor.

“The government has its labor force intact in the military. But they have not utilized the potential  of the defense force.”

The Papua New Guinea defense force  is currently undergoing reforms.  It is  expected  that by 2050,  the strength of the PNGDF will reach about 20,000 men and women. 

The engineering battalion  remains in desperate need of  new equipment and additional manpower.

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