Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Police  and members of the Lae’s East Taraka community  yesterday began  a hunt for three suspects wanted for  the rape of a Lae nurse  on Saturday. 
           This came  after one suspect turned himself   in  on Monday hours after Angau hospital staff  staged a sit in strike and demanded the arrest of the rapists within 48 hours.  The other was arrested by police yesterday.
          The first suspect  known only as “Nimo”   has given the  names and details of  three others. 

"We know who they are... We need your help."
As in many urban communities,  when crimes are committed,  there’s always somebody who knows the troublemakers.   The reaction from the community  has been one of outrage.
           Heads were shaken and the disgust and the anger on the faces of both young and old was clear as the police officer in charge called out the names of  three young men who broke into the nurse’s home.
         Those present at the meeting know them. They know their parents and they know where they live.
            “We have to bring that boy (Nimo) here and ask him,”  said one community leader. “If he doesn’t cooperate we’ll burn down his house.”
             The East Taraka suburb  is known for all the wrong reasons.  This was once home.  My parents lived in this neighborhood.  They were assaulted and robbed in the first years of residence.   But as the years went by, my dad who helped out in the neighborhood church,  got to work with some of the youths  who stole his shoes and our television previously. 

Paps Charlie: Disgusted!
If you live there long enough, you understand it’s a close knit community.  You can’t run and you can’t hide if you commit a crime like rape.
          Cases of sexual assault  should grab attention of  any decent law abiding community. 
          But  many other  instances of rape throughout the country, parents and relatives of the victims seek compensation and those responsible go unpunished. 

This case has grabbed attention only because the victims colleagues have stood up for her,  closed a public hospital and demanded action from authorities.  
           Do I hear some political murmur for stricter penalties? Maybe the death penalty?  Apart from Gary Juffa, the political silence has been  deafening!

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