Sunday, December 5, 2010


She seems distant and I am lost
I’ve taken so many turns
In this maze of life
Yet I am no nearer to her
With my careless lethargic ways
I keep hurting the one I love
I don’t know anymore
What is right and what is wrong
I can’t apologise
I can’t say I’m sorry
It means nothing anymore
There is anger in me
And I know I am to blame
The harder I cling
The farther I drive her from me
Every inch towards her
Seems to push her away
I can’t speak my mind
Without drawing anger
Yet I want her more each day
I long for her warmth
And I don’t know what to do
‘Tis like holding a shell
She does what has to be done
And doesn’t expect much of me
Slowly, I’m giving up on myself
For this selfishness is like
A monkey on my back
Eating into me and my soul
I ask and I don’t give
I give yet I want it back
I’ve lost the right
To fight for what is mine
For this barrier exists
Between me and what is mine
I caused it all. I know I caused it all

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