Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This  was inspired by Joe Satriani's - "Always with me, Always with you."  Depends on how you want to intepret it. Suicide. Accident. Regret. Has a rather eerie feminine feel to it.

We fought over nothing that day
I said what I meant not to say

I hated you so for being you
I said I wanted something new

I cried and you said: ‘twas alright
You said you’d go away that night

The years have gone since that night passed
Still I wish that day wasn’t your last

I’d give my life to live that day
For we fought over nothing that day

I’d heed my heart’s call not my head
I’d forget you for all you may have said

I’d go back to the day you went away
I’d speak from the heart so you’d stay

I still walk with you in my dreams
Your hand I hold near crystal streams

But morning comes and I awake
But these days I lie in bed at daybreak

All I have are memories in a sack
And I still pray to God give you back

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