Thursday, September 24, 2009


Punch her in the gut and it won’t show
Black an eye out and they will know
You’re the man of the house for sure
Box her and throw her out the door

Kick her in the ribs and kick her hard
And do make sure that she is off guard
Smash a few cups or plates or what’s left
Hit her once more to show her you’re deft

Come home drunk at twelve one or two
Dry slap the kids and kick the dog too
Let the mates know the wife she’s a bitch
All you want’s a girl to make you smile

For a six or two they’ll say you’re right
They’re part of a cause the wives they fight
“Save it” they rave ‘bout the ways of old
Please do help them in this cause so bold

-Personally, I dislike people who bash their wives and try to justify their actions  by saying it's part of  PNG culture. Men who beat their women are insecure and need  to put someone else down in order to feel good. Just my thoughts.

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